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13 Mar 2024

Expert Insights from TPM 2024: Prepare for Long-Term Cargo rerouting and inventory Delays

At the TPM (Trans Pacific Maritime) 2024 conference in Long Beach California last week, experts advised cargo owners to prepare for long-term cargo delays due to longer transit times caused by rerouting away from the Suez Canal and Houthi militant attacks on that shipping lane. One expert implied that this situation could run for another two years, and cargo owners need to rethink their supply chains, inventory levels and how much inventory they need to carry.

This puts cargo and merchandise stuck inside ocean shipping containers at increased risk costly moisture and mold damage, and financial losses.

Super Dry also recommends addressing internal corporate mold prevention policies to ensure that your supply chain is protected, and following mold prevention best practices including the use of container desiccant, as well as smaller in-carton desiccant.

Super Dry is available to assist this effort in protecting your supply chain against moisture and mold damage during Ocean Shipping. Check our website, and feel free to contact us for expert advice on protecting your valued merchandise.