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4 Jan 2024

Massive Delay in Panama Canal

Due to severe drought in Panama, which is linked to El Niño, the water levels in the Panama Canal have reached record lows. Consequently, daily transit through the canal has been restricted, resulting in delays for U.S. grain carriers en route to Asia.

This bottleneck has created a longer shipping route, leading to increased shipping costs and disruptions in global food supply chains. The impact is particularly felt by Asian consumers, including those in Japan.

As we face the challenges of extended ocean transit times and goods being confined within shipping containers for prolonged periods due to the Panama Canal’s daily transit restrictions, ensuring effective moisture control in the supply chain has become more crucial than ever. The anticipated delays, as reported in prominent transportation publications, underscore the immediate need for proactive measures.

In light of the Panama Canal situation, Super Dry is ready to offer practical solutions that protect your goods from potential moisture damage caused by rerouting and prolonged shipping journeys. Safeguard your cargo against the detrimental effects of moisture!

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