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19 Apr 2024

Panama Canal Authority Expands Ship Booking Slots in Response to Rising Water Levels

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced an increase in booking slots for Panamax locks starting in mid-May in response to current and projected water levels in Gatun Lake.

After experiencing a severe drought in 2023, the ACP had to implement restrictions on vessel transits and maximum draft capacity to manage the waterway’s resources.

In a statement released by the ACP, it was advised that the slot increase is part of their ongoing efforts to adjust operations as the dry season comes to a close. From May 7th to May 15th, 24 vessels will sail daily due to scheduled maintenance. Subsequently, starting May 16th, the number of daily transits will increase to 31 in both the Panamax and Neopanamax locks.

Furthermore, an additional slot will be available in the Neopanamax locks from June 1st, maintaining a daily transit rate of 32 vessels until further notice. The ACP also aims to raise the maximum authorized draft for vessels in the Neopanamax locks to 45 feet from June 15th.

These decisions are made with optimism about the impending rainy season, which is forecasted to begin in late April and last several months due to the shift from El Nino to La Nina. Assuming the forecast holds true, the ACP plans to lift transit restrictions and return to normal operations by next year, enabling 36 daily transits and a maximum draft of 50 feet.

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