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20 Feb 2024

What sets Super Dry’s Desiccants apart from others?

Discover what sets our Calcium Chloride desiccants apart from the rest in safeguarding your cargo during ocean shipments.

Super Dry’s Calcium Chloride desiccants are the highest quality engineered moisture absorbers, soaking up water up to 10 times their original dry weight. Unlike other options like Silica gel and Clay that work best under limited temperature environments(15°C to 30°C), Super Dry excels, performing in an extended temperature range from 0°C to 90°C. Its unique formula not only pulls in moisture but transforms it into a gel, safely trapped and contained inside leak-free packets. No worries about moisture escaping, a common issue with other desiccants once they reach maximum absorption.

Revolutionize your cargo protection with Super Dry. Our Calcium Chloride desiccants keep your shipments safe at sea with a leading solution in the world of moisture management.

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