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31 Jan 2024

Why does cargo get wet inside shipping containers?

Container shipping is a popular and cost-effective option for exporters to transport goods. However, the problem of moisture damage arises when shipping by sea. Although not every voyage results in severe losses, repeated exposure to moisture can cause significant damage to goods. This is often due to the absence of proper container moisture protection measures. Many people wonder how their goods can get wet when they are placed in sealed containers. However, the truth is that systematic measures are necessary to prevent moisture damage during container shipping.

All containers will likely have some moisture from both the loading period and the cargo itself. It’s important to note that no container is ever completely sealed, and the structure of the container determines the presence of any gaps, especially near the door. To effectively prevent any serious damage and economic loss caused by moisture, it is recommended to take necessary protection measures. When exporting goods, it is essential to use containers, but make sure to systematically check the container before use. Check the container door, wall, floor, and top for any obvious holes, gaps, and breakages. It is important to ensure that the container is dry and clean before loading the goods.

During ocean transportation, the container acts like a steamer and traps heat, causing the temperature inside to be around 10 degrees higher than outside. This results in significant temperature and humidity differences between day and night. Changes in the storage environment or transport from a cold to a hot area can cause moisture to evaporate, which then condenses on the goods or packaging. Similarly, when the container enters a low-temperature area after being in a high-temperature area, water vapor condenses into droplets on the container’s top and inner walls, eventually dripping onto the cargo.

It is highly recommended to use container desiccant to prevent moisture damage. The purpose of using desiccant is to absorb moisture from the air and reduce the amount of moisture that enters the container. The quantity of container desiccant used depends on the type of cargo, the length of the voyage, and the acceptable level of damage.

In short, the cost of using desiccant is very low, much less than the value of the goods themselves. It is a very effective solution to protect goods at a very low cost.

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