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29 Apr 2024

Introducing: Magnesium Chloride Desiccant

Incubic Magnesium Chloride Desiccant is an innovative desiccant offering unparalleled performance, transforming from a powder to a solid upon absorption. It has been proven to be reliable in a wide operating temperature range and various humidity levels, providing consistent moisture removal in challenging environments.

Made of deliquescence salt, Incubic Magnesium Chloride Desiccant can absorb up to 6 times its own weight in water, forming a salt brine. It exhibits similar properties to Calcium Chloride, with an absorption capacity of 200% of its net weight and an effectiveness of up to 60 days.

Magnesium Chloride turns into dry lumps without a liquid stage when moisture is absorbed, making it a suitable alternative to Calcium Chloride and a preferred choice for those who do not accept the gel stage of desiccants during ocean transportation. Furthermore, Incubic Magnesium Chloride Desiccant is trusted by industries such as electronics, machinery, auto parts, food, pharmaceuticals, metal components, and more.

We remain committed to providing innovative desiccant solutions that help preserve valuable cargo and ensure optimal conditions throughout the shipping process. Visit our website for more details!