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5 Apr 2024

Shipping News: Baltimore Port and Francis Scott Key Bridge

Amidst the aftermath of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge, the Port of Baltimore is grappling with significant disruptions in shipping operations. The bridge collapse has effectively blocked access to the port’s primary terminals, leading to shipping terminals like Tradepoint Atlantic preparing for an influx of redirected ships.

Tradepoint Atlantic has announced its plans to process approximately 10,000 vehicles over the next 15 days, encompassing ships redirected due to the bridge collapse. Nevertheless, the cleanup efforts have presented logistical challenges, as salvage operations are hindered by inclement weather and murky river conditions.

Despite the opening of temporary channels to facilitate the cleanup, the shallow depth of these channels restricts their usage for commercial vessels. Ongoing work is being undertaken to establish a third channel, aiming to restore greater commercial activity. However, until then, shipping companies must navigate the hurdles of rerouting their cargo.

Recognizing the impact on port employees and small businesses affected by the port’s closure or partial closure, the Maryland Senate has taken measures to provide assistance. As efforts to clear the wreckage and reinstate commercial operations persist, Super Dry remains dedicated to offering reliable solutions for container management and cargo protection. With our expertise and innovative products, we are fully prepared to support the shipping industry during this challenging period and ensure the safe and punctual delivery of goods.