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20 Dec 2023

What is Container Rain?

Did you ever think about the fact that roughly 10% of containerized goods get messed up because of moisture? It’s a big deal causing both financial losses and environmental problems

So, what exactly is container rain? The term refers to water droplets that form and drip from the walls of a container, affecting the goods inside. When humid air cools down, it can no longer hold the moisture it accumulated at higher temperatures. This leads to condensation of the air within the closed container, resulting in the formation of droplets due to temperature fluctuations

A container that is loaded in a tropical environment, for example in Hong Kong, where the air is warm and humid, and then shipped to, for example, Scandinavia, where temperatures are far cooler, will most likely suffer from cargo damage caused by container rain – if the container is not protected against moisture.

What happens inside the container during transportation is that the warm, humid air condenses. So, when your container arrives and the cargo is wet inside, and the interior smells of mold and mildew, this is most likely what has happened!

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