Nouveautés, Tout
30 Jan 2024

Annual Sales Conference

In the past week, partners from all over the world gathered in Shenzhen, China, as part of Super Dry’s efforts to build dreams and shape an incredible future for the industry.

During the annual Super Dry conference, we reflected on the past, discussing and evaluating key projects and achievements from recent years. Simultaneously, we looked ahead, meticulously organizing and planning our strategic approach for 2024. As a global team, we continuously gather valuable suggestions from our partners worldwide to drive the future development of Super Dry.

During the meeting, regional heads and relevant department representatives delivered summary reports, highlighting the progress and accomplishments in their respective fields throughout 2023. Participants engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanged ideas on various topics, collectively deliberating on the future development direction and strategic planning for our company. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to visit our newly upgraded production workshops and research and development laboratories. The Super Dry Shenzhen Factory, as the largest production and R&D center for Super Dry International, sets the standard and ensures the quality of our desiccant products.

The annual meeting successfully defined the future direction and strategic planning for Super Dry’s development in 2024. This conference provided clarity on the path ahead, and we firmly believe that with the collective efforts of our Super Dry colleagues worldwide, the company will continue to create a more promising future by offering our customers even more amazing products and services