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29 Nov 2023

SD Desiccants Explanation

Is moisture causing issues like mold and corrosion for your products? Fear not, all you need is a reliable desiccant like Super Dry’s. Let’s explore how our products can safeguard your merchandise.


When regular desiccants fall short, Super Dry steps up. Engineered for top-notch moisture absorption, it keeps your packaging humidity-free, preventing mold, mildew, corrosion, and caking to preserve your products.

For smaller packages, In-Box Desiccants work alongside your merchandise, targeting moisture within the packaging to ensure your products arrive in flawless condition.

Venturing into ocean shipments? Our Container Desiccants prevent container rain and cargo sweat. Super Dry offers a diverse range to fit every application.

PRODUCT 2: SD + (SD Plus)

Elevate your protection with SD Plus – a comprehensive 360° service designed to eliminate moisture damage risk at every stage of your supply chain. Trust Super Dry to create a moisture-resistant shield around your products, ensuring they reach their destination in impeccable condition.

Choose Super Dry and prevent you from any profit losses!