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12 Jan 2024

Weather Alert: The next cross-country storm will sweep across the U.S. this week

El Niño continued throughout December and is expected to persist with a probability of around 100% until March.
An active El Niño weather pattern is predicted to fuel a significant winter storm, which will affect regions from Missouri to Michigan. Cities like Chicago and Detroit are preparing for the heaviest snowfall of the season.

In contrast to the Northeast, where temperatures are too warm for substantial snowfall, the Great Lakes region is anticipated to face blizzard conditions. The combination of heavy snow and strong winds may make travel impossible along the I-80 corridor, and freezing precipitation could extend as far south as Interstate 40.

The storm has already caused blizzards in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a deadly avalanche in California. Expect significant impacts as the storm progresses from the Plains to Canada, affecting the Eastern Seaboard until Saturday.

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