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4 Mar 2024

Super Dry: Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices with ISO 14001 Certification

SUPER DRY is certified according to ISO 14001.

Our responsibility for the environment has always been a prime focus of Super Dry management processes. We take continuous steps to improve our environmental performance and comply with applicable legislation throughout our supply chain.

At SUPER DRY, we actively engage in protecting the environment with every decision we make and every action we take.

Since 2018, SUPER DRY has been actively involved in a reforestation program in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. In cooperation with the local community, we are helping to transform wasteland back into a flourishing forest ecosystem.

We are expanding the development area in multiple stages to offset the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions from our manufacturing process.

Join us in our commitment to environmental sustainability! Learn more about our ISO 14001 certification and how we are actively working to protect the planet.

Explore our website, safeguard your products and together, let’s make a difference.