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Container Desiccants

Whether you ship containerized bulk loads, agricultural products, merchandise goods, industrial products or hanging garments. SUPER DRY offers a wide range of container desiccants for each application.

SUPER DRY container desiccants are made of Calcium chloride and starch. Calcium chloride is the moisture absorbent of choice for container application as it provides the most efficient and reliable moisture protection with a 10 times higher effectiveness than clay desiccants.

SUPER DRY container desiccants target the moisture inside the sea container, preventing cargo damages, like mold / mildew, corrosion, caking, staining, discoloration, or moisture induced malfunction. Not to forget warping and deterioration of packaging materials which lead to collapse of cargo inside the container with expensive rework at destination required or even partial / complete loss of the cargo shipped. 

Moisture inside loaded sea containers originates mainly from the cargo, its packaging materials, and the container floor. During sea transport and port transshipment, the container is regularly exposed to changing temperatures. When the container experiences a change from high to low temperature, water vapor from the ambient air inside the container will condense onto the inner container walls and ceiling forming water droplets, which will eventually drip onto the cargo, a process commonly known as “container rain”. It is a result of the physical principle, that cold air can hold less moisture than warm air.

SUPER DRY container desiccants absorb the moisture from the ambient air inside the container, keeping the relative humidity below the condensation point at any time. Thus, minimizing the risk of moisture damages to the cargo inside the container.

SUPER DRY container desiccants are engineered with the highest absorption efficiency and safety against mechanical damage in mind. For special applications SUPER DRY ‘DP’ and ‘TD’ series are equipped with an outer shell protection for enhanced mechanical damage prevention.


Our Products

We offer a wide range of desiccant bags in sizes from 200 grams to 2,000 grams with fixtures or without fixtures like hooks,
strings or with self-adhesive strips to be installed at the container lashing rings, below the container ceiling or on the cargo surface.

  • DS 1000g
  • DS 500g
  • DS 250g
  • SQ 1000g
  • DS 1700g
  • DS 1400g
  • TP 1200g
  • DP 1000g
  • DB 1000g
  • DS 1500g BK-SS
  • OPH 1400g
  • DS 250g sticker