About Us

Research & Development

Research & Development are key to our commitment to providing the best desiccant and most sophisticated moisture damage prevention solutions to our customers.

We aim to minimize the environmental footprint of our products and manufacturing processes. We focus on continuous investments in material science, packaging technologies and manufacturing process research. Optimizing product and process efficiency, thus boosting desiccant performance, and reducing material input while maintaining cost efficient solutions to our customers.

R&D facilities

At SUPER DRY, we operate 2 R&D facilities at our main manufacturing locations in China and Thailand. We have established cooperation with leading university teams in material science. 

Our main R&D organization in China coordinates all R&D group activities. In our  state-of-the-art laboratories we drive the research, development, and testing of moisture damage prevention technologies:

  • Research, analyze and test new materials and formulations
  • Develop and test new desiccant products
  • Testing existing desiccants and products in development under various product, packaging, loading and climate scenarios to find optimal moisture protection solutions
  • Providing technical support to other group departments and to customers


Compliance is an ever more important matter everybody involved in the manufacturing, distribution and use of chemicals must strictly adhere to. Our R&D team ensures that SUPER DRY products comply with the legal requirements in place locally and internationally within all markets SUPER DRY and our customers are active in. 

We work with specialized consultancies to stay ahead of upcoming regulations. Through regular testing of our products by renowned testing institute we ensure, that SUPER DRY products fulfill the technical and chemical regulations put in place by the authorities in every jurisdiction.