About Us

Super Dry

SUPER DRY supports businesses protecting their goods from moisture damage during transport and storage. Maintaining value, preventing waste.

Since the establishment of SUPER DRY, we aim to be the leading supplier of moisture damage prevention solutions, driving the transition to Calcium Chloride desiccants.

We were the first to introduce Calcium Chloride & starch-based in-box desiccants. Through innovative engineering, combining advanced packaging materials and newly developed packaging sealing technologies, we designed a highly moisture absorbent Calcium chloride desiccant to be placed in direct contact with the products in risk of moisture damage, an application that prior was limited to inferior desiccants made of silica gel or clay. 

Continuously introducing product, material, and process innovations, we drive the progress of our industry, aiming to provide the best desiccants for your cargo protection while minimizing the application through optimized product engineering.


Innovation does not stop with products and processes. Services are an integral part of our DNA. Since SUPER DRY was established in the year 2000, we understand the importance of localized sale, customer service and distribution to our customers. Almost a decade ago, we developed SD+ services, a consultancy process by SUPER DRY, built to optimize moisture damage prevention steps along the supply chain, from factory to customer.

SUPER DRY is the partner of choice for leading corporations from industry, retail, and trade.