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In-box Desiccants

SUPER DRY in-box desiccants are engineered for application in transport and product packaging, like cartons, boxes, or poly bags.

In-box desiccants are applied to products which itself are hygroscopic, like garments, wood, and leather articles, or with cargo sensitive to corrosion. The desiccant controls the moisture inside the product packaging. Potential moisture sources are moisture released from the goods itself, from the packaging materials, like carton boxes or wooden crates or moisture diffusing through the packaging material into the inner packaging. Placed together with the goods, SUPER DRY in-box desiccants target excessive moisture inside the packaging, ensuring that your goods arrive in perfect condition.

Silica gel and Clay desiccants do not provide the level of moisture protection required during long term sea transport and storage. Mainly used due to their perceived price advantage on a weight base, both desiccant types, weight alike, absorb only 10% of the moisture compared to SUPER DRY desiccants. To compensate for the lesser moisture adsorption, 10 times more Silica gel or clay would be required, proving to be more costly and technically difficult to realize inside small in-box spaces compare to SUPER DRY products.

SUPER DRY in-box desiccants are the superior solution for application of desiccants inside cartons, boxes, or poly bags.

Our Products

SUPER DRY in-box desiccants are available in a range from 2g to 100g, for application in different packaging sizes:

  • 2g
  • DS 2g sticky
  • 5g
  • DS 5G sticky
  • 10g
  • 25g
  • 50g
  • 100g