Moisture Damage Prevention

Moisture control is the most effective measure to prevent damage.

Through the application of desiccants, the relative humidity inside containers and product packaging’s will be reduced below the dew point during transport and extended periods of storage. Protecting the cargo from the damaging effects of water condensation.

For desiccants to be effective, measures to prevent moisture damage must be integrated into the supply chain, and moisture control must be an integral part of every company’s quality management system, covering every step from material receipt to loading and shipping the products to minimize sources of moisture at all levels. Establishing processes and maintaining housekeeping rules is critical to success.

SUPER DRY pre- and post-sales services are a proven tool for raising awareness of potential moisture damage risks at all levels of your organization. We point out potential sources of risk and provide guidance on how to eliminate these risks. The SD+ service package is the perfect complement to SUPER DRY’s desiccant products.

SUPER DRY is the industry leader when it comes to solutions to prevent moisture damage. We support our customers at every step to minimize the risks of moisture damage.