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8 Aug 2023

Wet season and the risks you should know about

Rainy or humid weather causes air humidity to rise to more than 80% Relative Humidity (RH). Combined with rising temperature, factories and warehouses may be affected by varying degrees of moisture damage. When storage environment humidity is too high it can easily lead to mildew, discoloration, oxidation, odor or stains, affecting the quality of products and resulting in irreparable economic losses.

So how do you control humidity? Let SUPER DRY help you.

Super Dry Calcium Chloride Desiccants – the solution to controlling humidity effectively and more economically.
Our desiccant has A moisture absorption rate of more than 300% with the following features:

– Anti-percolation design; Water vapor is absorbed and captured inside the package, leakage-free.
– DMF free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
– One application lasts for 3 months;
– Easy to apply and economical

If you have mold and moisture problems, we are your source, and experts in mold prevention.
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